Using QR Codes In Home Improvement Marketing – The Marketing Corner

You may have noticed the proliferation of QR codes in your mailbox in the last few years. We certainly are moving toward a digital world, and QR codes are part of that evolution. A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode that’s read by a camera-equipped smartphone with a QR code-scanning application (app). These codes let […]

The Marketing Corner: Was My Design Plagiarized (or Is That Just Flattery)?

Is nothing original anymore? It’s a concept we designers talk about all the time. All original ideas “have been used already”. But is that true? (I, for one, am not sure I actually believe it.) And if it is true are we all plagiarizing other designs on a daily basis? All of these are ideas […]

Home Improvement Marketing & Graphic Design

Why Should I Care about Graphic Design with My Home Improvement Company? Good design is important for home improvement marketing.  But what really is graphic design?  How can we use graphic design to improve our remodeling company’s  lead generation efforts and service more customers? I came across this interesting video on YouTube, where AGDA (Australian Graphic Designer’s […]