3 Email Call to Action Mistakes That Can Bury Your Holiday Marketing


The holiday season is here, which means we can look forward to spending time with family, eating delicious food and plenty of other cheerful activities. However, as a home improvement industry marketer, you might not look forward to figuring out how to craft effective email call to actions (CTAs), which will compete with the thousands of other email campaigns delivered to your remodeling client’s inboxes during this busy season.

Avoid the following mistakes to develop your home improvement company’s perfect email CTA—one that immediately connects with your remodeling client, and drives measurable results for you–the home improvement marker.

Between shopping, gift-wrapping and preparing the turkey, your remodeling clients have very little time for emails during the holiday season. Therefore, placing the call to action toward the bottom of your home improvement company’s email and prefacing it with text-heavy copy that lists its benefits only takes away from its effectiveness, especially when your readers can just as easily move on to the next promotional email in their inboxes- maybe from your remodeling competitor!

Make sure your call to action is clearly stated at the very top of your home improvement company’s email. Don’t shy away from bold lettering and eye-catching images. If you’re running a coupon or discount for your remodeling clients, the focal point of the email should be the exact amount your readers could save from your home improvement company.

2. Using Too Many CTAs

Consumers are increasingly opening their home improvement emails on their smartphones first—52 percent of consumers between the ages of 18 and 30 say their phones are their primary reading device.

Because of the smaller screens on smartphones, home improvement marketers can no longer stuff their remodeling client’s emails with many CTAs. Today, all customers, not just remodeling clients want to be able to quickly read their emails; and often, when they’re on the go. Emails with just one call to action are therefore more effective and they save time for you, as well as your remodeling clients.

3. Lengthening the “To” in ‘Call to Action’
There’s the “call”—the message you craft, the “action”—the act you have suggested your audience perform, and then there’s everything in between—let’s call it the “to.” The longer the “to,” the less effective your call to action will be for your home improvement company.

There are many ways you can make your “to” needlessly long and you should avoid all of them.

If you’re promoting a new product for your home improvement company in your email, don’t provide a link where your remodeling clients can and will read the same information on your website.  Instead, provide your home improvement clients with a link where they can directly purchase it, or schedule a design consultation. Any misdirection down the path to purchase gives your home improvement clients a chance to look elsewhere.

Low Cost Ways To Generate More Home Improvement Leads


Low Cost Ways To Generate More Home Improvement Leads

The Secret To Generating Low Cost Home Improvement Leads

Today, most home improvement lead generation plans focus on prospecting for new remodeling customers.   Remodeling company owners tend to use their marketing channels to deliver messages they hope will drive new home improvement leads.  A The Marketing Corner we believe generating new remodeling customers is key to a home improvement company’s success.  But we also believe it is as important to continually keep your current customers happy.  This perhaps could be even more crucial to your home improvement lead generation strategies, not to mention definitely more profitable.

According to a study done by IPSOS, in fact, acquiring new home improvement leads and customers generally costs 5 to 10 times more than maintaining existing ones.  By reinvesting your home improvement marketing dollars in retaining current customers you are more cost-effective with your budget and definitely will be able to yield a higher ROI.

Generating New Business From Old Home Improvement Leads

home-improvement-lead-referralWhy is it important to look at your old customers for finding new home improvement leads? Your remodeling company’s current customers are or have been already highly invested in your brand. Chances are you’ve already done an extraordinary job on a addition or remodel for their home.  You’ve captured their attention and had already motivated them to purchase your home improvement product or remodeling service. As a home improvement professional, you’re already positioned first and foremost in their minds, making your business the go-to source for their next remodeling adventure–or their friend or family member’s remodeling project.   Make sure your home improvement customers are satisfied with the experience.  Loyal, happy remodeling customers can even bring new home improvement leads to your business at little to no cost.  Satisfied remodeling customers are more likely to refer your home improvement company to others and provide third-party endorsements, whether through word of mouth or even on social media. Today satisfied home improvement customers are even more valuable and important for remodeling companies.

The best home improvement marketing strategies reflect this by attacking both challenges: prospecting new home improvement leads and retaining satisfied customers.

How does your remodeling company still connect with their previous home improvement customers?  Have you done anything to rehash old home improvement leads?  We look forward to connecting and sharing ideas!

5 Tips For Finding Online Home Improvement Leads


Your remodeling business should be using online lead generation.

Whether you’re a small contractor, or a large home improvement retailer, your remodeling company should be getting online home improvement leads.  The majority of the world’s successful and innovative businesses have used the internet to capture sales, and building, construction, and remodeling industries should now be finding most of their home improvement leads online. Getting online home improvement leads is an entirely new style of remodeling lead generation, and many industry professionals don’t know what the big deals is about online home improvement leads.

That’s okay. That’s what The Marketing Corner is here for! Here are some of the best reasons why online home improvement leads should be the best source of marketing for your remodeling company.

1)   Online Home Improvement Leads are Cost-Effective

The amount of money that a home improvement remodeling business can spend on print, radio and television marketing adds up quickly.  Traditional marketing or outbound marketing (as some experts like to refer to it as) is based on sending a mass message to many people.  Think of it as just throwing out your message, and hoping it will stick with someone.

online-home-improvement-lead-generationThis is inefficient. In today’s world of home improvement marketing–the rules have changed. Think for yourself, how many times have you seen a say, a billboard, and actually taken some action from it?  Our thoughts are–not many.  And you’re not alone.  Thats why many remodeling company’s are turning to online home improvement lead generation.

When you market online,  your audience is specifically targeted. The only people who see your advertisements are people who are looking for a specific home improvement company or remodeling service you provide. The people that will actually see your ads are potential customers interested in your goods or services.  This can make for a very powerful online home improvement lead source.  Your advertisements can be paid for on a per-click basis, which means the remodeling company only has to pay for the advertisement that an actual customer clicks on to learn more information about your services.  Do you see how this can be such a powerful source of new online home improvement lead generation?

2)     Online Home Improvement Leads Cost Less

Traditional home improvement marketing methods are cumbersome. Once a remodeling advertisement is designed, you need to acquire the materials to actually produce it. Then the home improvement company needs to print it. Then deliver it to hopefully the correct audience. Then most importantly, the remodeling company needs to measure their advertisement’s effectiveness.  Did it generate enough home improvement leads to warrant running again?  What was the return on the investment?

From ink, paper, and power to mass produce it, mailing costs to get it where it needs to go, all adds up. But when remodeling professionals use online home improvement lead generation, minimal resources include the power to run the computers and design and post the advertisement.  Additionally, much better metrics and analytics can determine how your remodeling advertisement performed online.

3)    When You Use Online Home Improvement Lead Generation, Your Audience is Made up of Customers Who Are Actually Interested in You

Consider this, when you make a post on a social media page, it reaches only the customers who have volunteered to follow your brand– which means they had an interest in your company.

For example, if you buy a Facebook ad, you can pinpoint exactly the customers to whom you want to market your remodeling company. If you want to target female customers aged 45-55 within 3 miles of your home improvement company…you can. By using online home improvement lead generation, your advertisement will only be marketed to your specific demographic. Online home improvement lead generation, virtually eliminates wasteful advertisements because it targets to your customers–every time.

4)     Online Home Improvement Lead Generation  Allows You to Stay Ahead of Your Competition.

Online home improvement lead generation is here to stay.  If your remodeling competition isn’t taking advantage of all of the home improvement marketing tools that are available today–that’s their problem. Jumping into the world of online home improvement marketing will give you a distinct advantage over industry competitors. By using online home improvement lead generation, you’ll be able to reach new audiences and position your home improvement company for growth.

But if your competition is conducting their home improvement marketing on the Internet and using online home improvement lead generation – and you aren’t, they’re already in position to corner the market, at your expense.

6)    Online Home Improvement Leads Are More Personal.

When a remodeling company is using online home improvement lead generation they are able to provide a great interaction with their audience.

When remodeling professionals communicate regularly with a target audience, you can build a personal relationship with them. You can respond quickly to concerns through various channels like Facebook or Twitter.  Online home improvement lead generation is also crucial to nurturing leads.  Normally when you find a customer though online home improvement lead generation efforts you’ve collected their email, phone number, and name.  Now, instead of just calling the customer– you can email them, you could call them, and in fact– you could put them on a traditional marketing direct mail list!  Try doing all of that with an advertisement in a magazine or newspaper!

With this information, it’s easy to see why online home improvement lead generation is critical to the success of the remodeling and building industry. If you haven’t yet embraced the new way of online home improvement lead generation and marketing, the time is now! Holding off will only end up harming your remodeling business and put your competition one step ahead.

What are your reasons for marketing online? Why do you think it’s important? Leave us a comment and let us know!


5 Ways For More Home Improvement Leads this Valentine’s Day


Get More Home Improvement Leads this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has always been surrounded by love and affection, but to construction and remodeling companies, it should be seriously considered as a prime time to capitalize marketing for generating more home improvement leads.

Making a few changes and gearing marketing plans towards Valentine’s Day can cause a huge increase in home improvement leads for February.

In honor of this special day, The Marketing Corner shares its creative Valentine’s Day marketing tips and ideas that any remodeling contractor can do in their business to spread the love and bring in more home improvement leads this season.

Home Improvement Leads Come From Customers Who Love Your Company

Valentine’s Day isn’t just to remember intimate relationships  with family and loved ones, its a chance to also build upon your business relationships.  This is the perfect time to nurture your most important business relationships, the one you have with your customers.  After all previous customers are the best source for new home improvement lead generation.

home-improvement-leads-valenentines-day-customer-loveTop 5 Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas for Home Improvement Leads

1.      Add a Little Decor

A little added decor goes a long way.  Add Valentine’s Day decor on the windows, have your staff dress in red, add a bowl full of treats at the welcome desk.  Also, to attract more home improvement leads, contractors and remodelers should update their social media pages with Valentine’s Day themes to keep relevant to their customers.

2.       Post about the Big Day

Do some keyword research for your Valentine’s Day blogging!  Use what people are searching for in their personal life and tie it into a special blog.  Use tools like Google Adwords Keyword Tool to help you generate ideas.

3.       Give Some Love Away

Have a random drawing to generate more home improvement leads, and give away an inexpensive but desirable product or service.  For instance if you are a handyman company what about giving away a free hour of service.  If you are a full design build firm, perhaps a small gift card for dinner at a local restaurant would be appropriate.  Whatever the giveaway, make sure it has value to your audience to bring in more home improvement leads.

4.       Red Hot Specials– This Month Only

This month offer special February discounts for people to “fall in love with their home again.”  Send targeted emails out to previous clients, or your list of home improvement leads.  Run a Red Hot special this month only and promote it throughout all of your marketing plans to really bring in home improvement leads.

5.       Host a Valentine’s Day Open House

If you are a professional remodeler or design build firm, chances are you already have a beautiful showroom.  This month, hold a “customer appreciate” event for all your clients, and use it as a chance to generate more home improvement leads.   Encourage people to share your event via social media sites and create even a following with a #hashtag on Twitter.  Create an open house, have Valentine’s Day treats and take lots of pictures and videos!  Then “share the love” all over the Internet!  You’ll have a great following for more home improvement leads quickly!

We’re sure that these tips will help all remodeling and contractors spread the love this Valentine’s Day.

For more information on how to generate top quality home improvement leads this Valentine’s Day reach out to The Marketing Corner!  We’d LOVE to hear from you.