3 Email Call to Action Mistakes That Can Bury Your Holiday Marketing

The holiday season is here, which means we can look forward to spending time with family, eating delicious food and plenty of other cheerful activities. However, as a home improvement industry marketer, you might not look forward to figuring out how to craft effective email call to actions (CTAs), which will compete with the thousands of other email campaigns delivered to your remodeling client’s inboxes during this busy season.

Avoid the following mistakes to develop your home improvement company’s perfect email CTA—one that immediately connects with your remodeling client, and drives measurable results for you–the home improvement marker.

Between shopping, gift-wrapping and preparing the turkey, your remodeling clients have very little time for emails during the holiday season. Therefore, placing the call to action toward the bottom of your home improvement company’s email and prefacing it with text-heavy copy that lists its benefits only takes away from its effectiveness, especially when your readers can just as easily move on to the next promotional email in their inboxes- maybe from your remodeling competitor!

Make sure your call to action is clearly stated at the very top of your home improvement company’s email. Don’t shy away from bold lettering and eye-catching images. If you’re running a coupon or discount for your remodeling clients, the focal point of the email should be the exact amount your readers could save from your home improvement company.

2. Using Too Many CTAs

Consumers are increasingly opening their home improvement emails on their smartphones first—52 percent of consumers between the ages of 18 and 30 say their phones are their primary reading device.

Because of the smaller screens on smartphones, home improvement marketers can no longer stuff their remodeling client’s emails with many CTAs. Today, all customers, not just remodeling clients want to be able to quickly read their emails; and often, when they’re on the go. Emails with just one call to action are therefore more effective and they save time for you, as well as your remodeling clients.

3. Lengthening the “To” in ‘Call to Action’
There’s the “call”—the message you craft, the “action”—the act you have suggested your audience perform, and then there’s everything in between—let’s call it the “to.” The longer the “to,” the less effective your call to action will be for your home improvement company.

There are many ways you can make your “to” needlessly long and you should avoid all of them.

If you’re promoting a new product for your home improvement company in your email, don’t provide a link where your remodeling clients can and will read the same information on your website.  Instead, provide your home improvement clients with a link where they can directly purchase it, or schedule a design consultation. Any misdirection down the path to purchase gives your home improvement clients a chance to look elsewhere.

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