Blogging– Does it mean more Home Improvement Leads?

How Does Having A Blog Help My Home Improvement Lead Generation?

Today in the remodeling industry, having a professionally developed and managed home improvement website is, of course, absolutely essential for lead generation. A remodeling company’s website often serves as the foundation of successful marketing campaigns and more then likely the first point-of-contact for prospective home improvement leads. When a remodeling website is developed with careful attention to site analytics and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), websites increasingly bring in the new, high-quality home improvement leads that drive business.


However, the remodeling company blog is often one of the most neglected aspects of a home improvement website. A well-written, search-driven blog is the perfect place to announce company sales, new products or remodeling services, and remodeling company staffing changes such as hires and promotions. A good home improvement company blog is also an ideal means of tying together an effective social media lead generation campaign. Still, many home improvement, remodeling, or construction companies don’t have blogs. Worse, some home improvement product manufacturers have a blog but rarely update them.   Regardless, both scenarios result in the same thing: missed opportunities for home improvement leads!

Clicks Mean More Home Improvement Leads!

If home improvement company blogs are so important then why are so many remodeling companies having difficulty incorporating them into their home improvement marketing strategy?

Remodeling industry corporate blogs are overlooked for three main reasons:

1.  Home Improvement companies think creating or maintaining a good home improvement blog is costly or technically difficult.

Many home improvement professionals incorrectly believe that blog posts are the same as a complete update to their remodeling website.  Often contractors and remodelers are concerned with spending a ton of money to have an HTML or jQuery expert on staff.  In truth, a good home improvement blog can be easily integrated into a contractor’s website in such a way that posting new remodeling blog article may be as simple as updating a Facebook status.

2.    In the whole remodeling company no one is assigned to update the blog.

This is one of the most common issues we find when reviewing our home improvement clients’ websites. At many remodeling companies everyone is busy focusing on tasks relevant to the company’s core competencies—like sales or business management, and the remodeling company doesn’t have an in-house marketing department, so no one is managing the blog.  (See our article on why having a home improvement marketing team matters to your remodeling company’s bottom line…. click here.)  In the meantime, having an employee write for your home improvement company’s blog is usually a quick fix. However, we should note that your employees need to consult with a blogging expert or have some knowledge of SEO in order to see good results on your remodeling company’s blog!

3.    Remodeling Companies don’t want negative feedback on the blog.

Just like all other forms on social media home improvement marketing, guests can leave comments on your remodeling company’s blog.  Sometimes, people will post negative feedback on a home improvement company’s blog–just like they would do on Facebook. Home improvement professionals should respond professionally and quickly to all negative posts, while also actively engaging with neutral or positive responders.  By reaching out to your entire audience, it allowshome-improvement-lead-generation-blog for more of your home improvement leads to see how your company handles dissatisfied customers or difficult situations. This is a fabulous opportunity for your remodeling company to demonstrate their great customer service!

For remodeling professionals, taking the time to blog frequently and effectively can drive website traffic and ultimately home improvement leads. The Marketing Corner offer home improvement blogging services as well as on- and off-site SEO article generation for all our clients!

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