“Olympic Gold” Home Improvement Lead Generation Tips

Going for the Gold In Home Improvement Lead Generation

Are you excited about the Olympics as we are?  Here at The Marketing Corner we’re captivated by the commitment, dedication, and perseverance of the athletes.  Our free time in the next weeks (like most of yours) will be spent trying to catch up on a variety of sports–even one’s we have barely had interest in–cheering for Team USA! With all the excitement over the Olympic Games, we couldn’t help but notice several things that both the brilliant athletes and skilled home improvement marketing teams have in common that both make them successful at their game.

How to Make Your Home Improvement Lead Generation Plan Win the Gold.

Setting Goals for your Home Improvement Lead Generation

Every top athlete is driven by their goals–making the team, qualifying for the finals, breaking a world record, etc.  But it isn’t just setting these goals that makes these athletes successful it is the steps they take along the way.  As a skilled home improvement marketing team, you need to need to set SMART goals and identify the steps and processes you need to reach them.  If you plan to increase home improvement leads by 5% next quarter, what are your steps?  If you plan to run a home improvement marketing campaign based on the Olympics what are your goals?  Setting milestones and goals will make your team a success.

Commit to the Win

Becoming an Olympic athlete doesn’t happen right away.  It often takes many years and thousands of hours of practice to become the perfect competitor, and then many more to win the gold.  In home improvement lead generation, many times conversion rates for an advertisement may be down, or perhaps you feel that social media just isn’t working.  Whatever your home improvement lead generation plan is, commit to it.  A solid strategy will take time, effort, and most of all commitment.

Measure your Home Improvement Lead Generation Techniques

Imagine the Olympic Games without scores, distances, heights, stopwatches.  How would an athlete know if they are improving or getting worse?  How could you judge their success to meet their goals?  Your home improvement lead generation plan should include measurements just like today’s athletes.  How many people visited your website each month, how many converted?  How well did your advertisement do in Sunday’s paper?  How about that PPC ad?  In order to accurately measure your home improvement lead generation plans successes, you need to keep the record of how well your efforts are performing.   Without these important metrics, you will never know if you are meeting or exceeding your goals!

Don’t let your Setbacks Determine your Future

One of my favorite parts of the Olympics is watching the teams and learning each athlete’s story.  Many of the athletes are plagued with trials and tribulations during their struggle to claim the gold.  Take for example this year’s Jamaican Bobsled Team.   Finally after raising enough money, all of their gear and luggage is lost.  The athlete’s are positive and even though they might not participate in all the practice rounds are committed to excellence.  As your home improvement lead generation campaign grows, you too might be found with setbacks.  Perhaps it might be that you spent too much money on your PPC campaign, or a trade show that didn’t generate enough home improvement leads.  Learn from these setbacks and be prepared to make a plan to change the outcome.

Challenge your Competitors

Obviously, Olympic athletes are extremely competitive.  They constantly watch their competition, learn from them, and in most cases are inspired by them.  Additionally, your home improvement lead generation team should watch your competitors like hawks. Know when they are on your website, visiting your location, and how they make their sales pitch.  Keep your eye on your competition, but focus on growing your home improvement leads.

Home Improvement Lead Generation Done With Class

Remember your home improvement lead generation plan should reflect your company and showcase your best work.  Be tasteful and poised in your advertisements, social media campaigns, and customer service.  Remember in today’s world everything goes viral quickly.  When a Chicago Tribune journalist checked into her hotel room in Sochi and found “dangerous” water, she quickly tweeted it out to the world–in hours the tweet was everywhere.  She did it classily and informed the public, and didn’t publicly bash anyone.  For your best home improvement lead generation tactics, treat even your worst customers as your best friends.

Have you caught the olympic fever?  Are you ready to Go for the Gold in your home improvement lead generation?   The Marketing Corner is constantly helping home improvement professionals just like you- make your home improvement lead generation plans win the Gold!  Contact us today for our FREE marketing consultation and plans.


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