Low Cost Ways To Generate More Home Improvement Leads

Low Cost Ways To Generate More Home Improvement Leads

The Secret To Generating Low Cost Home Improvement Leads

Today, most home improvement lead generation plans focus on prospecting for new remodeling customers.   Remodeling company owners tend to use their marketing channels to deliver messages they hope will drive new home improvement leads.  A The Marketing Corner we believe generating new remodeling customers is key to a home improvement company’s success.  But we also believe it is as important to continually keep your current customers happy.  This perhaps could be even more crucial to your home improvement lead generation strategies, not to mention definitely more profitable.

According to a study done by IPSOS, in fact, acquiring new home improvement leads and customers generally costs 5 to 10 times more than maintaining existing ones.  By reinvesting your home improvement marketing dollars in retaining current customers you are more cost-effective with your budget and definitely will be able to yield a higher ROI.

Generating New Business From Old Home Improvement Leads

home-improvement-lead-referralWhy is it important to look at your old customers for finding new home improvement leads? Your remodeling company’s current customers are or have been already highly invested in your brand. Chances are you’ve already done an extraordinary job on a addition or remodel for their home.  You’ve captured their attention and had already motivated them to purchase your home improvement product or remodeling service. As a home improvement professional, you’re already positioned first and foremost in their minds, making your business the go-to source for their next remodeling adventure–or their friend or family member’s remodeling project.   Make sure your home improvement customers are satisfied with the experience.  Loyal, happy remodeling customers can even bring new home improvement leads to your business at little to no cost.  Satisfied remodeling customers are more likely to refer your home improvement company to others and provide third-party endorsements, whether through word of mouth or even on social media. Today satisfied home improvement customers are even more valuable and important for remodeling companies.

The best home improvement marketing strategies reflect this by attacking both challenges: prospecting new home improvement leads and retaining satisfied customers.

How does your remodeling company still connect with their previous home improvement customers?  Have you done anything to rehash old home improvement leads?  We look forward to connecting and sharing ideas!

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