Why Your Home Improvement Website Isn’t Making You Money!

Why Your Home Improvement Website Isn’t Making You Money

Many home improvement business owners and contractors are lost when it comes to the Internet. Many remodeling professionals believe if you make a home improvement website people will flock to it and bring you overnight lead generation success. “If you build it, they will come” might have worked for Field of Dreams, but it isn’t even close to how a good home improvement website works.

Here are the main reasons your home improvement website is not working or not generating remodeling leads.

Home Improvement Website Mistake #1— No Search Engine Rankings

No one will ever type in a domain for what they are searching for online. Soon Google will devalue domain names anyways, so having a site like “bathroooms.com” will not mean as much as it used too. In order to get more home improvement leads you need to be high in the search engine rankings for key terms. The best way to accomplish this is through search engine optimization (SEO) which basically means making your home improvement website more popular for the keyword home-improvement-website-marketingphrases you think will bring more home improvement leads to your company. There are many different ideas on how to do SEO correctly and different philosophies on how to rank for words to generate more home improvement leads but if you are not caring about SEO that is a main reason why you do not have any home improvement lead traffic.

Home Improvement Website Mistake #2—  No Internet Marketing

If your remodeling company is not on social media, using digital home improvement advertising (Pay Per Click Ads), using content marketing with SEO, or using video marketing you will notice no one is visiting your home improvement website. Remodelers and Contractors need to have a proactive approach to gaining home improvement website visitors that are relevant to your products or services. Although the cost of a home improvement lead generation campaign using digital advertising may have a high upfront cost, it is a wonderful marketing tool because you can segment your customers based on interests, ages, demographics, geographic, and more–designating a higher return on your marketing dollars.

Home Improvement Website Mistake #3— No Traditional Home Improvement Marketing

Just because you have a home improvement website does not mean you shouldn’t be using offline marketing or traditional home improvement lead generation. Tradeshows, canvassing, guerrilla marketing, television advertising, radio advertising, etc are examples of traditional outbound marketing that has worked for home improvement contractors and remodeling companies.  Using traditional advertising or marketing is a great way to get potential home improvement leads.  A recent study by Google found that almost 67% of consumers shop online in front a television.

At The Marketing Corner, we always advocate for a good mix of traditional marketing and “new” marketing, or outbound marketing.  Professional home improvement lead generation plans will mix both of these marketing methodologies together to create an influx of quality home improvement leads.

Home Improvement Website Mistake #4—  A Bit Too Much

People believe in simple, they stray from complex and crowded. Make sure your home improvement website is simple, clean, and easy to use.  Don’t over-do your website with too many different styles or the newest code.  Make your home improvement website easy to use for all the customer that will come to your website.

Home Improvement Website Mistake #5— Just Too Hard

Make it easy for people get in contact with your home remodeling company.  Considering having a couple of different Calls To Action and different ways for your customers to contact you.  Do not make an extremely complex form with many different areas to fill out.  For more on how to create the Perfect Form For Home Improvement Lead Generation click here.  Additionally, put a phone number in the top right of your home improvement website.

Home Improvement Website Mistake #6— No Testing

You should always be testing your home improvement website and advertising. If contractors and remodelers continue to do the same thing for their home improvement websites, nothing will improve.  A good home improvement website should include new landing pages for your PPC,  new webpages for different campaigns, and the ability to implement different contact forms, etc.  Your home improvement website should be tested and analyzed using a program such as Google Analytics, and you should continually test it for the best way to get more home improvement leads.

Home Improvement Website Mistake #7—Not Giving It A Chance

Failing is okay in home improvement marketing. It happens all the time and if you are not failing you are not giving your home improvement website a chance to succeed.  Experiment with different home improvement lead generation techniques and see what works, fails, or makes no difference in the quality or quantity of your remodeling leads.

Do you have any home improvement lead generation tips to share?  What do you believe is a big mistake on home improvement websites?

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