The Best Way To Get Free Online Home Improvement Leads

The Best Way To Get Free Online Home Improvement Leads

It’s amazing to know that so many home improvement and remodeling companies still don’t have a website. If you’re in the home improvement business or a contractor thinking about starting a remodeling business, a website is one of the most important steps to take! It should come right after your home improvement company’s professional email address and phone number.


Want Free Home Improvement Leads–Get A Website

According to a 2013 study from the U.S. Census Bureau– 41% of business owners currently believe that they don’t need a website! (This study includes home improvement professionals and general contractors too!)

 At The Marketing Corner, we are more amazed at the amount of remodeling professionals that disregard TODAY’s home improvement customer’s shopping habits!

Today’s Customer: Your Next Home Improvement Lead

A recent study from FleishmanHillard, showed that 89% of all customers search online for a product or service before making the purchase.  It is safe to say that many qualified home improvement leads are looking for your remodeling company right now…online! It is your website’s goal to capture their attention and inform them on your services.

A good remodeling website should inform the home improvement lead of your products and services and help educate the customer on why your company is the right choice for them!

Maybe if getting a website was as easy as signing up for telephone service, more contractors and remodeling businesses would have great websites!

At The Marketing Corner our philosophy is to educate contractors and remodeling professionals on how to use the tools of home improvement marketing smarter. It could be that many remodeling professionals are unsure of what to include in a good home improvement website.

10 Key Elements Every Website Should Have To Generate FreeHome Improvement Leads: 

How your home improvement business differs from the competition
What types of services your remodeling company offers
Your contact information (phone number and location)
Home improvement customer testimonies, case studies or reviews
If you sell anything online—Secure payment processing
Clear navigation throughout your home improvement website
Explanation of the remodeling or repair processes involved
Ways for potential home improvement leads to interact or comment with your business
Calls to action aimed at generating home improvement leads
Personalized service targeting your buyer group

The second possibility of why some contractors and remodelers don’t have a home improvement website is not knowing the right questions to ask a website developer.   Again, at The Marketing Corner we want to educate contractors and remodeling companies so that you are aware of the right questions to ask a web designer or developer.   Although this list doesn’t cover everything- here are some questions to help you get started on your home improvement website design-

home-improvement-marketing-lead-generation-formsTop Questions to Ask Your Website Designer and Developer

What does my remodeling company need to supply you to get started?
Will your website company create a logo for my home improvement business?
On average how long does a home improvement website take to be completed?
Will you design my home improvement website from scratch as a custom site or use a template?
Does our remodeling company need to supply you all the graphics?
Can we make design changes late to the website?
Will the home improvement website search engine friendly?
Who owns the home improvement website design when it’s done?
Do you do market & competitive research before creating my home improvement site?
Do you offer website traffic analytics?

Should You Attempt the DIY Website For Home Improvement Leads?

If you are a home improvement professional and don’t yet have a website, you’ve probably thought about building one yourself.  Unfortunately, you probably don’t have the time or necessary skills, and you may be waiting until you can afford to pay someone to do it for you. Yes, professionals don’t come cheap…yet the experience and design ideas can make the difference between a website that generates home improvement leads and one that doesn’t.

The Best Information For Online Home Improvement Leads

The Marketing Corner hopes that with this information on contractor websites, home improvement professionals and remodeling business will be better prepared to bring their companies online. Not only is having a good home improvement website crucial to your business, getting the right website will bring in home improvement leads. And that comes from working with the right web development company.

The Marketing Corner and Online Home Improvement Leads

The Marketing Corner is such a company, we have a history of helping remodeling professionals get the right website for their home improvement lead generation. Now that you’re prepared and armed with the right information, take the first step in getting a good home improvement website.





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