How To Build A Powerful Contractor Website

It’s no surprise that today, having a powerful online presence is key to compete in the home improvement and building industry.  A powerful remodeling company brand combined with effective contractor website design and search engine optimization can extremely grow your sales and improve your revenue.  At The Marketing Corner, we believe that a powerful website is perhaps the greatest asset you can invest into your company.  We’ve rounded up the top reasons that we believe having a professionally developed and optimized site is crucial for home improvement leads.

Increased Reach To More Home Improvement Leads

Your potential home improvement lead and customers’ habits are constantly changing.  With more customers choosing the Interest as a chosen method to find more information, your future home improvement leads are going to Google to search for your company, your products or even your services.  A good contractor website created by an expert home improvement marketing team of programmers, designers, and copywriters, can reach millions of people that might have never even known that your company existed – until finding it when searching on the Internet.

Builds A Remodeling Company’s Brand Value

Remodeling companies who own a professionally developed website are more likely to be trusted by potential home improvement leads.  Having a good contractor website seems to be a sign of strength— as remodelers are able to project a professional identity which in turns builds the company’s reputation quickly.  According to Google, companies that come high in the organic search results are seen as a trustworthy and valuable company towards consumers or in our case future home improvement leads.  Search Engine Optimization is just one of the most productive ways you can get people to view your remodeling company. Most importantly, with SEO, a remodeling company is in control of the quantity and quality of the home improvement leads they receive.

More Remodeling Advertising

A website doesn’t have opening hours–much like a brick and mortar home improvement store.  Think of your contractor website as an online brochure about your remodeling company.  It is a way for potential home improvement leads to access your company 24/7 with such information as; what you do, what you sell, where your company is based, and how you can satisfy your future home improvement lead’s quest for knowledge.

Increased Remodeling Marketing Savings

A properly made contractor website can save thousands in advertising costs, as the traffic you gain from your website means you don’t have to pay companies like Yellow Pages, or buy large advertising areas in traditional media.  A good contractor website will be able to generate much more home improvement leads per reach than traditional media, and for a much more cost-effective rate.

Now is the time for all contractors, builders, and home improvement professionals to gain a powerful online presence for more home improvement leads.  Without a strong contractor website, you are missing out on a lot of new home improvement leads.  Structuring engaging content effectively combined with clean and accessible web design will grow your home improvement business.

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