Generating Reviews For Remodelers

Easy Ways To Generate Reviews For Remodelers

How Important are Online Reviews For Remodelers?  Very Important.

Actually, very very very very important.  That’s just how important online reviews for your remodeling or home improvement company.  If you’re a remodeler and not getting online reviews, you’re missing out.

At The Marketing Corner, one of the biggest things we tell our clients to help give their home improvement website a boost and move them up in Google page rankings is to get online reviews. For obvious reasons, we tell our clients to claim their Google Place Page and their Yahoo Local Page.  Even only a handful of reviews on various sites will do wonders for your Google page rank. Not only does Google search your site for keywords and content, but it also searches the rest of the web for your home improvement company.   If your remodeling company is mentioned a lot, your home improvement website will move up in the rankings.  One of the best ways to get your home improvement company’s name out there is by using online reviews.

How Can Remodelers Get More Online Reviews?

Just Ask.

Many home improvement companies that we work with are already collecting reviews from very satisfied customers.  In fact, many remodelers have great customer testimonials that are collected on comment cards or even hand wrote letters.  Unfortunately, this is a problem.

90% of all adult consumers look to online reviews before making a purchase.  If you have a binder full of glowing customer testimonials–when can you show this to your potential home improvement leads?  The answer… you can’t.  Yes, you might show them all these customer reviews once you’ve already sat your customer down at the kitchen table and done your sales pitch.  But you can’t do it before when they are shopping your remodeling business or home improvement company online.  That is why online reviews about your home improvement company and remodeling business are so important.

So how can remodelers be effective when collecting these online reviews? Just Ask!

Ask your clients or customers to do a review for your home improvement company online.  Any satisfied customer should be happy to do this for your remodeling company, so make it as easy as possible for them.  Send your home improvement customers an email with direct links to the review sites to make it easier.  These review sites could be things like Google Local, Yelp, Houzz, Angie’s List, etc.  Additionally, you can give them incentives like special discounts or acknowledgment after they write a quality review on your home improvement company.  Once your remodeling business gets these reviews, have them placed on your website on a designated testimonial or review page.

It is no surprise that 96% of people trust recommendations from people they know; however, what is even more interesting is that almost 70% of people trust recommendations from people they don’t know.  Getting quality reviews for your remodeling company will help you gain more home improvement leads.  How does your home improvement company look online?  Download our free template to grade your home improvement company’s online reviews.

The Big No-Nos for Getting Your Remodeling Company Reviews.  

There are some practices that will actually hurt your remodeling company’s Google ranking if you’re not aware or careful.  So if you are a remodeling company that cares about your Google rank online, don’t do the following:

Don’t post a review yourself or have anyone from your home improvement company do so—This will not only negatively affect your home improvement website’s Google rank–(The thing that makes it appear in Google on page 1)– but if anyone finds out you or your remodeling company posted your own review, you’ll be a prime target for negative word-of-mouth.
Don’t have someone who shares your business owner’s last name post a review.   Google isn’t a fan of nepotism.  (However, it does take into account common names like Smith or Jones).
Don’t have more than one person post a review for your remodeling business from the same computer or device—Google likens posting multiple reviews from the same computer to ballot stuffing and that’s a major no-no. It will both hurt your home improvement company’s website page rank and your remodeling company’s reputation.
Don’t get all of your home improvement reviews in one shot. Keep reviews about your remodeling company coming on a consistent basis over time.  Google looks for content updates on a continual basis and getting new home improvement reviews each and every month is a great way to make that happen.

So go get those great remodeling reviews to help your home improvement website’s page ranking and bring in more home improvement leads!

Ready to get started?  Download our FREE guide to monitor and improve your Home Improvement Reviews online!  Are you looking for more online reviews?  Contact us today to learn how our software can help your company get more reviews today!


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