The Marketing Corner: Today’s Home Improvement Marketing is Online

Why Your Home Improvement Company Needs To Market Online


Many home improvement businesses often wonder if online marketing is worth it. For the most part, I really do understand their concerns.  They advertise in the Yellow Pages, or the Newspaper, or even the radio station and you see and hear your advertisement. It’s real, concrete and can often bring in some home improvement leads.

Home Improvement Marketing And Lead Generation
Your customers are searching for you. Can they find you?

The Internet, on the other hand is constantly changing and evolving.  And in today’s society its changing faster each day.  Really “why would some stranger want to know what I ate for dinner”? It’s hard to get your head wrapped around it.  Yet Billions…. yes Billions of people each day are sharing what they ate on sites like Facebook, Instragram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Often many clients tell me the second they take a stab home improvement marketing online, they are completely overwhelmed.  Everything is constantly moving and changing.  They are confused by PPC, SEO, SEM and every other acronym.  Many people don’t even know where to start.

Why You Must Dedicate a Professional Home Improvement Marketing Team

Smart phones have become for local businesses a complete game changer.  With the massive popularity of smart phones (iPhone, Android,  Blackberry) Internet Search has skyrocketed to new levels.  Many local businesses have seen great success in the rise of smart phones.  For instance,  now when your driving around town and you need to find a tire shop, you take out your phone and Google it.   Many businesses have felt the shift in technology to their traditional home improvement marketing methods.  It’s not the economy, it’s not your competiotion, its your ability to be able to be found online!

In 2006 2.7 Billion searches where completed online every month. Now, in 2014, an average of 1 billion searches are done EACH DAY on just Google!

On Google, 1 Billion Searches are Done Each Day!

And the trend for search keeps climbing.  More and more people are searching on phones, ipads, computers, TVS…the list is overwhelming!  Your customer is search gor you, make sure they find you first, not your competitor.

Have you noticed a decline in your traditional home improvement marketing efforts?  If you are looking for real home improvement marketing tips and tricks, reach out to our team at The Marketing Corner.  Schedule a Free marketing assessment to see how our team can transform your marketing.

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