How to Generate Home Improvement Leads Using Houzz

Houzz and Home Improvement Marketing Lead Generation
Many customers flock to Houzz for home improvement and remodeling ideas. Now companies can take advantage of helping these consumers with their decorating decisions.


Houzz.com has quickly become a destination for home design inspiration, remodeling, and renovation advice and a place where consumers can connect with industry experts in the home design, architecture, and general home repair space. Whether you are a consumer looking to refresh your kitchen, in the midst of building a new custom home, or in the need of plumbing advice, Houzz has what you need. With over 12 million unique visitors per month, Houzz is a platform all interior designers should be leveraging to promote their business and showcase their work.

Houzz offers interior designers an opportunity to connect with other design professionals and ultimately with consumers looking for design inspiration or advice and services. When you embark on adding Houzz to your marketing mix, it’s important to know that there is marketing value from both a social media and search-engine-optimization standpoint. When searching for interior designers, Houzz often ranks high. Having a robust and active profile will not only benefit you in building your brand, it will help your SEO efforts.

Using Houzz can improve search engine rankings for interior designers.



Here are the basics, from creating a profile to promoting your presence.

Create a Robust Houzz Profile

Interior design is all about aesthetics. Think of your profile as your home within Houzz and fill it and accessorize it just like you would a home.

Add Project Photos

It’s important to showcase your work and give visitors an idea of the type of projects you do and, most importantly, show your style. Make sure your images are high quality. Poor quality images will hurt the integrity of your profile and brand.

Create Idea Books

Idea books are similar to Pinterest boards in that you can add images to them. Create room and style idea books and add inspirational images. Idea books will showcase your style and creativity.

Engage in Conversation

To be active, you must dialogue with users and professionals to build a credible presence for yourself. Answer questions and contribute discussion, but make sure you are authentic. It’s okay to promote yourself, but make sure you aren’t always selling your services and that you are adding true value to the conversation.

Follow Back

Follow relevant professionals and brands that you connect with, just like you would in any other social channel. Houzz is a community, so connect with people that are relevant to your work. This will demonstrate that you are authentic and not just leveraging the channel for pure self-promotion. Who knows, you may learn something from someone else.

Promote your Profile

Let your customers and fans know that Houzz is a place they can visit to see your work, ask questions, and share information. Here are some ways you might consider promoting your Houzz account.

  • Posts on your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts.
  • Email your Houzz profile link to customers.
  • Include your Houzz profile link on your email signature.
  • Include your Houzz profile information on your business card.
  • Promote your Houzz profile on your website.
  • Include your Houzz profile information on print collateral.

Generate Reviews

Reviews on Houzz factor into the overall rating of a professional profile, so it is important that you solicit reviews from consumer and trade partners to bolster reviews within Houzz. Consider email campaigns asking for reviews and include mention of them in all follow-up customer surveys and communication. After interior design consultations and installations, have your iPad handy and ask your customers to provide a review, capturing their feedback right at that moment. They will be at their happiest, having just seen your work.

Maintaining your Houzz Account

Once you are up and running, the day-to-day involvement is like any social media platform, the more active you are, the more benefit you will reap. This is an active and growing community of home design enthusiasts and DIYers who are looking for advice and feedback in a real time sense. So consistent engagement and dialogue within relevant conversations are critical to your success. This includes responding to questions, but also seeking out and engaging in relevant discussions, ultimately increasing brand awareness and generating interest from potential customers. Think of Houzz as another social media channel that you have to give attention to each day, with the following.

  • Follow relevant profiles within the design community.
  • Respond to inquiries.
  • Search and comment within relevant discussions in the community.
  • Comment on relevant images from other users and brands — compliment, share feedback, ask questions, and participate in conversations.

The more effort you put into Houzz, the more benefit you will get from it. Follow these steps and you will be on your way to becoming an expert within Houzz and will eventually see leads coming from it.

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