An email newsletter is one of the most convenient and easy ways to keep in touch with your clients and prospects. So you’ve made the decision to design an email newsletter to use as your follow up tool in your brand design toolkit? The next decision is how to manage the newsletter from a technical perspective.

Let’s look at the technical aspects of managing your email newsletter. You want your email newsletter to be easy to manage — it should involve as little time and effort as possible on your part. You also want your recipients to get the newsletter without it landing in their spam folder. And you want your newsletter to be compliant with spamming laws, like the CAN-SPAM act.

While it’s tempting to send out your newsletter using your normal email software program, it’s not the best choice. Your regular email program doesn’t offer the necessary features — that’s the job of an email newsletter service.


Using an email newsletter service will make your newsletter follow up campaign easier. It will make it easier to manage, more likely to be received by your prospects and customers (instead of winding up in their spam folder) and compliant with all the local laws. It’s a low-cost way to make your newsletter campaign more effective.

[Via Elf Design]

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