WTF : Why You’re Not Getting Any Home Improvement Leads

The Simple Fix To More Home Improvement Leads

“Opportunities are never lost; someone will take the ones you miss.” -Andy Rooney

Think about that. If your potential home improvement lead customers don’t know about your remodeling company, someone else is solving their problems and getting paid for it. If you aren’t feeding your company’s pipeline with new home improvement leads every day, trust us, someone else is. In the construction, building, and remodeling industry everyone has unique products and services homeowners want. it is your job as a remodeling company to fill your pipeline with active home improvement leads. If your construction company is missing these opportunities to find home improvement leads, it should drive you crazy.

Every day. More missed opportunities. More missed home improvement leads.

Now imagine the opposite. Imagine your website traffic was exploding, and you could actually bank on receiving more new home improvement leads and sales from your internet marketing efforts every day, every week and every month.  As a remodeling company are you ready to make a change?

An overwhelming majority of builders, contractors and home improvement companies businesses suffer from a frustrating problem The Marketing Corner likes to call Website Traffic Failure (WTF?!).   WTF?! is exactly what remodeling business owners should be saying if they invested time and money on a website and have no traffic and as a result no home improvement leads.

Here are the core reasons your remodeling business and contractor websites are failing to get traffic:

No plan
No content
No ownership
Unsustainable expectations

Remodeling and home improvement companies that succeed have a plan, they generate relevant and interesting content for their core remodeling customers, they place someone in charge of their content, and the companies start small and build over time. Talk to any company who is successful–they started small and grew.

Now you know WTF?!? is happening to your contractor website and why you remodeling company isn’t generating any home improvement leads- The Marketing Corner will teach you how to improve your website for optimal traffic.


Home Improvement Website Problem 1- No Plan And No Budget

Just like anything in life, without goals, a plan and committed resources, how can anyone expect to succeed?

Building a contractor website is not marketing. Building a good contractor website is creating an asset to use in your home improvement lead generation and marketing plans.

At The Marketing Corner, we recommend creating high level home improvement lead generation and marketing plans for six months to a year, and detailed plans for three months at a time.  The Marketing Corner arms each client who hires us to build a contractor website for their home improvement lead generation with a 90 day marketing plan. Building traffic and generating quality home improvement leads is going to take a combined effort. Don’t waste money on a good contractor website if you are not going to factor it into your overall home improvement lead generation and marketing plans. Once you create a plan, you are going to need to know who on your home improvement marketing team is going to implement it and how much you are going to spend.

Key Action Item: identify which home improvement marketing methods (PPC Ads, SEO, Social Media, Etc.) you will focus on to generate traffic to your new contractor website and create a 90 day plan for home improvement lead generation.

Home Improvement Website Problem 2- No Content

Whether you’re depending on advertising, search engine optimization, or social media to help you generate more home improvement leads—they all require unique, interesting and relevant content to succeed.  Unfortunately, there is simply no way around it, if you want to market online, you need clear, compelling content that supports your unique value proposition.  As home improvement professionals, you must use job-site pictures, videos, customer testimonials, and different shareable content that your remodeling customers would be interested in to generate more home improvement leads.home-improvement-lead-quote

What you do most of the time you are online?  You’re discovering new information on YouTube, Google, Facebook and Twitter. Why not create some of that content that everyone is out their sharing and consuming?  Again, for contractors, remodelers, and home improvement professionals, this should be easy! You are constantly interacting with customers and updating their homes.  Use this amazing content to your advantage online.

Key Action Item: Find a way for your remodeling company to consistently create new content that will attract new home improvement leads and customers to your products and services.

Home Improvement Website Problem 3- No ownership

Look at your home improvement marketing team someone needs to be responsible for any effort that is important to the growth of your remodeling company and bringing in more home improvement leads. If you don’t have a professional conducting your home improvement marketing, find out why it is important to hire a winning team here.  Assign someone responsibility, and set their goals and expectations and review the progress regularly.  By continually setting and determining benchmarks your home improvement lead generation efforts will soar.  Home Improvement marketing will never take care of itself.

Key Action Item: Determine who on your home improvement marketing team will manage these efforts and how they will be held accountable.

Home Improvement Website Problem 4- Unsustainable Expectations

A good home improvement lead generation plan is a building process, and you need to secure small victories in order to build upon them.  If you receive zero sales or leads today, then find a reliable way to generate ten per week from your contractor website. But don’t forget to secure the first victory before focusing on the second, otherwise you risk a serious fail with your home improvement lead generation efforts.

Remain focused for a long time on making your remodeling company’s home improvement lead generation plans work.  Avoid unrealistic expectations along the lines of spending a only a few bucks and securing thousands home improvement leads. Value in your remodeling and home improvement business comes from finding sources of home improvement leads that you can count on for months and years.

The good news is that home improvement lead generation with Internet marketing is very cost effective, it’s just not free.

Key Action Item: The time is now to review your home improvement lead generation and marketing plan—possibly with an outsider and marketing professional.  Eliminate any home improvement lead generation tactics that are not working and you are spending too much.  Set reasonable expectations for the growth of your marketing. 

What to do about your website to bring in more home improvement leads?

If you believe that your remodeling business is suffering from Website Traffic Failure (WTF?!) and you are in need of more home improvement leads– the time is now to do something about it. Take action by assessing your remodeling business with the above four root causes and see which ideas you are failing to address. The reward for doing so might be a steady stream of new home improvement leads!

The Marketing Corner is a home improvement lead generation and marketing resource for industry professionals.  We work one on one with business owners to grow their company and increase their sales.  For more information on our home improvement marketing team services please contact us here.


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