Summer Home Improvement Marketing Ideas

5 Hot Summer Home Improvement Marketing Ideas

Are you looking for new, fun, unique and creative ways to market your building or remodeling company and generate more home improvement leads this summer?  It is the time your remodeling company tried our top 5 summer home improvement marketing ideas!

Hot Home Improvement Marketing Idea #1:  Create a partner package

Partner with non-competing home improvement businesses that share the same target audience to develop a winning package for new home improvement leads.  If there isn’t a non-competing home improvement business available in your area– perhaps your remodeling company could partner with a restaurant, or theatre, and could partner together to create a package.   Each company could then market and sell the package, and all three would split the proceeds.

Hot Home Improvement Marketing Idea #2 Festival Contests

Summer is a fabulous time for neighborhood festivals.  Have your home improvement company rent booth space at popular festivals your potential home improvement leads and customers attend, then run a contest that collects contact information in return for a chance to win a prize.  Make sure you follow up with customers once the festival is over.

Hot Home Improvement Marketing Idea #3–High Impact Banners

Identify summer hot spots in your city or town– think of areas like beaches, pools, attractions, that receive high traffic, then strategically place large vinyl banners well within view.  Vinyl banners are a minimal investment and your remodeling company should be able to maximize their exposure to many home improvement leads.

Hot Home Improvement Marketing Idea #4–Hot Weather Promotional Items

Its hot out, and to make sure your remodeling company gets noticed, its time to give out promo items that home improvement leads will actually use!  If you’re exhibiting at the county fair or another large festival, think of things that your customers could use then— and not just stuff in a giveaway bag.  Things like coolie cups, fans, water bottles and other promotional items are perfect for summer home improvement marketing to drive leads.  (Check out some water bottles for your home improvement marketing plans here).  Additionally have a stack of these items at your location, and give them away to anyone who enters your remodeling company on hot days.

Hot Home Improvement Marketing Idea #5–Temperature-related discounts

Launch a fun campaign that gets new home improvement leads into your location during the dog days of summer!  Have your remodeling company offer a discount based on how high the temperature climbs. You’re remodeling company be able to land home improvement leads and close more sales on days when customers would otherwise stay indoors.  Of course, make sure your home improvement company’s showroom is air-conditioned to keep them inside longer.

What other creative summer home improvement marketing ideas do you have? We’d love for you to share them with us!

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