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When everything’s going well, it’s easy to find yourself in an email-marketing rut.

Perhaps you’ve gotten complacent with ROI that’s good—but not great. Or maybe you’re boring your customers with the same campaigns they’ve seen a thousand times.

“Whether you want to shake things up or simply polish off the dullness,” writes Patti Renner at The Lunch Pail, “here are some ideas to make your campaigns shine.”

Among her tips:

Energize your team. Add excitement to the creative process with in-house contests, accolades, and rewards. You might, for instance, use A/B testing to determine the winner in a subject-line competition.

Reconnect with your email service provider. There’s a good chance your ESP has developed new technology or features since you first signed up. This is a good time to schedule a new demo or training session, and to make sure you’re getting the best value for your money with your current agreement.

Study other successful marketers. Who’s getting coverage in your industry’s trade publications? Who’s winning awards? Who’s considered the best? Sign up for their emails, Renner suggests: “Learn by seeing what they do and how they do it firsthand.”

Evolve your design. Don’t abandon the carefully cultivated look of your email campaigns—but consider how a tweak here or a change there can make your messages feel fresh and new.

The Po!nt: It’s a perfect time for a breath of fresh air. Remember: A refreshed email campaign can produce refreshed ROI!


[Via Marketing Profs]

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