Start Getting Better Results Online using Google AdWords for Strategic Internet Marketing

Google AdWords (ppc advertising) is the best place to test out ideas you’ve had relating to your passion and your niche market. As Perry Marshall calls it The world’s fastest direct marketing machine and you will soon learn why.


In the days before Google, testing and refining our marketing process was slow and expensive. If you sent out a direct marketing piece, it would cost a lot of money and you would have to wait a long time before you could judge the results. Then you would refine your campaign and send out more marketing pieces and would wait again to see what the results would be.

Now, there’s Google AdWords. You can literally create a campaign in 10 minutes and see it presented in front of millions of people around the world. You can judge the results in much less time by seeing how many people click on your ad. If you use AdWords the right way, you’ll have a higher click-thru ratio which means the number of times your ad was displayed divided by the amount of times people clicked on it. The higher the better.

Most people who use AdWords don’t actually know how to use it at all. It still brings them business but most of the time they’re spending a lot more than they have to.

So yes, there’s a science to it, and a way to make it work to your advantage faster and with less money than any other advertising medium out there. I’ll explain it to you briefly so you can learn how you can use it even before you even have a website or a product.

Let’s say you’re interested in exotic cars – rare, expensive, unique cars. You don’t have to own one to be interested in them. Your interest and passion alone will be enough to get you going. Now say you’ve done your research and found a market online that was as passionate as you were about exotic cars. They have websites, discussion forums, bulletin boards, blogs and so on all about them.

Now you’re thinking, there must be a way to make money here. You just read through hundreds of postings and web pages all about exotic cars and you really feel this is an ideal niche market for you.

You’re brainstorming on your own and with friends or colleagues and you come up with an idea for buying expensive, exotic cars for no money down and for low monthly payments. Hey it’s sounding like a good idea to me already, how do I sign up?

Ingenious Application of AdWords

Before you spend hours and weeks and months and thousands of dollars putting together a product or service around your passion, wondering the whole time if people will be interested in it, wouldn’t it be great to learn first hand for very little money if people actually will be interested or not? Absolutely!

AdWords is the answer. You have to create a proper campaign and compose awell-written ad, using the best, most targeted keywords to attract the right target audience. You can even use regional positioning to avoid certain markets that you feel won’t buy in (so why waste your money on their clicks?).

You have to be very specific in your ad in a short amount of space and don’t use any keywords that aren’t directly related to your idea.

Post your ad and be willing to spend $100-200 testing out your campaign. It could read like this:

Want an Exotic Car?
No Money Down.
Low Monthly Payments

If people click on the ad, you know there’s a market ready that’s willing to buy in. If they don’t and you’re sure you’ve used AdWords correctly, then you haven’t lost much money (because no one clicked) and you haven’t wasted any time developing your idea or website.

So when the people click on the link, where do they go? Create a web page telling people a bit about your idea and have a sign-up form (an opt-in email form) that will send them more information as soon as possible. The more people who clicked on the ad the better and the more people who signed up the better.

How can you learn everything you need to know about Google AdWords?

Read the Definitive Guide to Google AdWords


The biggest reason is because it will literally save you a ton of money and get you the positive results you’ve been hoping for. You won’t have to make the same mistakes everyone makes when they use AdWords. You’ll learn advanced techniques in a really easy to understand method. It will teach you tactics and techniques that will boost your results. All the web marketing experts use this guide and it catapults their own successes too.

Take a look at some of the lessons you’ll learn:

  • Part One: Lesson 4 – How Google Rewards Your for Relevance
  • Part One: Lesson 6 – How to Prevent Your Keywords from Being Put ‘On Hold’
  • Part Two: Lesson 12 – The #1 Secret You Must Know: How to Arrange Your Keywords
    (I wish I could tell you this one right now but the guide’s only $49. It’s a complete steal. Before I got Perry’s Guide I spend $100’s of dollars on Google the wrong way without making a sale).
  • Part Three: Lesson 20 – Converting Your Traffic to Sales: The Most Critical Success Ingredient
  • Part Three: Lesson 24 – Huge, Huge Differences in Sales Conversion Rates
  • Part Five: Lesson 35 – What Do I Do When Keywords Cost $5-10 Per Click?

Truly, the information and guidance you get from Perry and Bryan is priceless. You can’t even measure it. No one would come to know everything they teach you in this guide by themselves. So as I always say, why reinvent the wheel? Why waste your time when you can get the guide and learn everything you need to know within hours?

It takes practice and testing to fine-tune Perry’s strategies. Some of you may be making really expensive blunders right now and spending 5 or 10 times what you need to be spending. You’ll be able to catch some of those mistakes right away and save yourself a ton of money.

For those new to affiliate marketing or marketing on the internet in general, I’d recommend reading this very early on in your search for wisdom (and riches).

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