Logo design is a part of the brand design. But, a brand is not just a logo design. When does a logo become part of a brand?

To answer this question, let’s first define what a logo is and what a brand is:

What is a logo? A logo is a unique, meaningful design that’s paired with your company name in an interesting and cohesive way. The logo also has a color palette assigned to it. It must be scalable, able to be reproduced consistently in all of your marketing, and timeless — so that it doesn’t get stale or look old too soon.

What is a brand? A brand is “The collection of perceptions that your customer has about your business”. Note that the brand lives in your customer’s mind — and the ideas that they have about your business.

This doesn’t mean that the brand is out of your control. You can control your remodeling client’s idea of your home improvement brand by defining your brand and designing eye-catching, stand-out graphics to communicate that message. Then, use those graphics consistently throughout your home improvement company’s marketing materials. That’s all there is to help your remodeling clients get the right idea for your brand.

Aspects of your home improvement company’s brand that you have complete control over include:

So, a brand is much more than a logo — it’s the consistent story that you tell through your unique graphics (and all the other ways that you talk and write about your remodeling business).

Once you create this memorable home improvement company look and feel, your clients will all be “on the same page” about your brand. This means that their comments and buzz about your remodeling company can reinforce their ideas about you — and the ideas that you want them to have about your remodeling business.


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