The Marketing Corner: Making Your Advertising Work




Since advertising is one important way to bring customers into the website or store front, we will now discuss this subject in detail. Before we delve into the details of advertising, let’s talk about what must go right in order for advertising to work.

Very simply, you must meet your promises. How many times have you seen the web site or advertising of some company, thought that they must be a big and reputable company, used their service – only to discover that the service they provided was way below your expectations? Did you become a repeat customer? Did you tell anyone not to go there?

You see, successful advertising brings customers in the door, but you must keep your promises. If your ads portray a much better image of your business than it actually is, customers won’t stay. They might begin telling their friends not to come to you, so your advertising has just backfired.

On the other hand, there is a philosophy of “under-promise, and overdeliver”. Is this a good idea? In our opinion, over-delivering is a good idea, but under-promising is not. You see, the business environment is getting a lot more competitive today. Customers won’t come to you if you underpromise. If you can provide a service better than your competitors can, what’s the point of being humble and under-promising? Tell customers proudly that you can do this, and amaze them when they come!

Think about your advertisements right now. What are some places you’ve promised too much? What are some places you haven’t promised enough?

Do you have systems in place to ensure that your promises are met every time – no matter how busy you are or who is working that day?

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