Homeshow Success: Winning More Home Improvement Leads

How To Win More Home Improvement Leads At A Homeshow

Winning More Home Improvement Leads at A Homeshow

Even though the Internet and “new home improvement” marketing has changed the way consumers shop, there are many benefits to participating in remodeling industry trade shows or local home show. Obtaining high-quality home improvement leads, increasing your company’s brand awareness, and just being able to have a physical presence in front of remodeling leads are just a few of these rewards. However, none of these trade show benefits are attainable without the presence of a good marketing strategy and effort planned far in advance of the homeshow.

If your home improvement company has never participated in a trade show or local homeshow and is interested in exploring the benefits – or if you’ve attended remodeling shows for decades and are simply looking for a better return on the investment – The Marketing Corner has put together some best practices to maximize your remodeling trade show success.

Home Improvement Industry Pre-Trade Show Checklist:

Research before you go. Before you consider sponsoring or exhibiting at a home improvement trade show, you remodeling company will need to research the opportunities and should possibly attend a few shows prior to registering as an exhibitor. Home Improvement trade shows are a large-scale production, and understanding what exactly they entail requires in-person attendance. Take note of the audience and what seems to draw a crowd. What type of home improvement displays are the most popular?  Is there an area that is geared towards presentations?  Or finally does the remodeling tradeshow offer any contests to attendees? These observations will help in planning your own booth and participation.

Consider homeshow sponsorship opportunities. Elevate your home improvement industry trade show participation by considering becoming a sponsor of the home show. With being seen as a sponsor, your remodeling company can leverage the trade show’s in-house experts, to promote your remodeling brand and credibility in front of other potential home improvement leads. Its a great idea to get in touch with the homeshow coordinators in advance to learn more.

Reach out to home improvement trade show attendees. Prior to the remodeling industry show, request a list of attendees.  For home improvement manufacturers this would be a great idea to take advantage of networking through LinkedIn, whereas for local remodelers, email marketing would work great!   At The Marketing Corner, we also advocate for remodelers to take advantage of contests, swag, and giveaways!

Promote your remodeling company’s exhibit. Prior to the home improvement trade show, promote your remodeling company’s booth by posting on your company’s blog and social media to create buzz.  Add excitement to the show, by saving your newest product or service launches for the show so potential home improvement leads will be amazed at your new ideas. By launching your products at the show this allows your home improvement marketing team to submit newsworthy press releases to home improvement industry publications like Qualified Remodeler, and Kitchen and Bath Design News.

At The Remodeling Industry TradeShow:

Schedule Meetings. Don’t wait for a potential home improvement lead customer to visit your booth– as this is especially true for home improvement manufacturers.  Begin prospecting new home improvement leads to the show and plan meetings with these prospects. Encourage your sales and marketing team to set their own prospect meetings and goals in advance of the show, and make sure everyone brings specific samples or literature for those individuals – the extra touch won’t go unnoticed.

Create home improvement product buzz. Use a great video of your remodeling company or how-to presentation to create buzz and draw potential home improvement leads to your booth.  Great examples of this would be product demonstrations, contests, and free samples are just a few ideas on how to generate more home improvement leads at the trade show.

Staff your Home Improvement booth. Every single one of your remodeling company’s employees that are attending the home show, should have a responsibility and can take a divide-and-conquer approach. Assign some employees to new sales, while another group can be working with any previous customers. Keep your employees interested by awarding them with a commission for all new or upsold business during the home improvement tradeshow.

Post Home Improvement Industry Show Checklist:

Plan your remodeling company’s post-show follow-up. Do not make the mistake of letting the home improvement leads you collected at the trade show go cold by waiting too long to reach out to these prospects. Input your new home improvement leads and prospects into your system right away.  The Marketing Corner recommends reaching out to your home improvement leads through marketing resources such as direct mail, email marketing, or social media.

Get opinions: Take time to get constructive feedback from your home improvement marketing team before you begin planning for the next event. Was the remodeling industry trade show a success?  What more could be done to get more home improvement leads?

It’s definitely a lot of effort and resources to exhibit at a home improvement industry trade show.  However, with The Marketing Corner’s tips for a remodeling industry homeshow success, we’re sure your company will be bringing in many more home improvement leads!

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