Why should you hire an Internet Marketing Firm to help you get your web business on the right track?

Whether you’re running a small business or you’re part of a larger organization, if your company hasn’t dramatically increased its business through the internet, this article is worth reading.

Who will help you get better results from your website?

To many business owners, the web is still a big mystery. They know it works for some companies but to this day, they’re still left bewildered and confused about what works and why. They spent money on their website, they may even have spent a lot of money on Flash intros and glitzy designs but to no avail. They’re not getting any extra sales or even a single email.

Almost every business has a website these days but only a small fraction of them are bringing in any significant results.


What do you mean by Results?

Results from your website or web business are noticeable, measurable and positive effects on your business. If your aim is to get more leads, then you measure how many leads are coming in. A lead is a result. If your aim is to get online sales, then you measure sales. A sale is a result as well. Any action a visitor takes on your site is a result of the planning of your website.

What happens to most companies is that they pay for a website, they tell the designer exactly what they want in a website and then, once the site is complete and on the web, they sit and wait for something to happen. In most cases, nothing happens.

It’s a shame that you’re not told the truth about websites, what makes them work and what makes visitors turn into customers. Instead you’re given a nice looking website and perhaps, if you’re lucky, you’re told that you should promote it online.

Why aren’t you told the truth?

Because a lot of firms don’t know the real truth. They’re good at making nice designs, nice layouts, with professional looking pictures and from first glance, these websites are appealing. But it’s not all about nice designs and pretty pictures – it’s all about building a relationship with your visitor.

If you want better results from your website, you need to work with an internet marketing specialist. Someone who knows the ins and outs of the Internet, Marketing and real world Business and how they all tie in together.

Internet Marketing is a process; it’s not a result.

Internet Marketing is the process of continually improving your business using the internet – through better research, better planning, better goal setting, better execution, better measurement and ultimately harvesting better results.

Upon improving your results and expanding your business, the web will help you find new partners and provide you with new opportunities.

If you want to improve your website’s results, you will need to start at the beginning and determine if your site answers the following questions for your visitor

  • What’s in it for Me?
  • Do you know me and understand me?
  • Do you know what my problem is?
  • Do you have a solution to my problem or need?
  • Do you have what I want?
  • Who the heck are You? and Why should I trust you?
  • Do you have any proof?
  • Is there any risk?

By answering these questions for your visitors with well-written web-copy (the text/content on your webpages) you will increase your chances of pulling in the results you want and achieving the goals you set out to accomplish.

If you’re thinking at this point, that things are starting to make a bit more sense and the picture is getting a bit clearer, you will find more answers and more clarity in Internet Marketing.

So, Who Am I and Why Should You Trust Me?

My name is Guy Reichard and I’m the owner of Exante.ca Over the past 8 years, I’ve been a graphic designer, web designer, web programmer, seo specialist, copywriter, and consultant. For the past 2 years, I’ve been living, breathing and putting internet marketing to the test – for my own businesses and also for my clients who own small businesses.

If you want to see an improvement in your website’s results and get more online sales, more leads, more phone calls, more local walk-in business, I want to help you.

I have a passion for small business – I identify with small business owners and I know I can make the difference between no results and achieving bigger and better goals.

If you’re part of a large organization and want the comfort of dealing with a larger firm, I understand and will gladly put you together with some of this industry’s top experts who’ve served well-recognized companies. I’ve partnered with teams of experts in web usability, search engine positioning & marketing, e-commerce development, web application development and the list goes on. You’ll be in good hands. If you want to keep me on-board for support – I have a knack for making big & complicated concepts easy to understand. Through my coaching and support, I will take the fear out of the unknown, which makes for a much smoother and more successful path.

What’s the first step? How does this work?

Good questions and if you have time, I will be happy to answer them all for you but first I need something from you.

If you can fill out this form and answer these simple questions, I will get back to you within 24-48 hours with answers to your questions.

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