Finding Home Improvement Leads With Local SEO

Winning Local Search Means More Home Improvement Leads

As a remodeling business owner you are probably wondering, how a potential home improvement lead or customer can find your local company through the Internet. If you look at the Google results page and cannot find your remodeling company’s website among tons of other businesses–its time to make changes in your home improvement marketing plans.

What can help you acquire more home improvement leads is local search optimization. What is local search?  In most cases it is a search query made by a potential home improvement lead or future customer with a neighborhood, town, city or another location type included. With the advancements of Google, in some cases it isn’t even necessary to specify a location as Google will automatically determine your location, based on your IP address, your Google+ page, Gmail account information or even information from a home improvement leads previous searches.  There are many ways how Google is adjusting its result page to give users the most relevant answers.  When a potential home improvement lead arrives on the search results page, they are given a site that is a combination of Adwords with local ads, local search results from Google Places, and finally regular Search Optimized results.

How can an owner of a local remodeling company business can take advantage of local search to bring in more home improvement leads?

Getting Found By New Home Improvement Leads:

A remodeling company’s first step to finding more home improvement leads through local search is to let Google know where your business is located and/or where it provides its service. Adding your address onto your website isn’t enough.  In order to find the most home improvement leads though local search your company must prove their local address.

One of the ways to prove your remodeling company’s local address in order to bring in more home improvement leads is to creating a Google Places listing. (Click Here to learn how to set up your Google Places page).  Along with other information, regarding your business, you will have to give the address, which Google will verify before accepting it.

After the Google knows where your remodeling company is and what your types of home improvement services your company does– you must begin to prove that your are better than your competitors in your given location.  If you are interested in getting the most home improvement leads –this is a very effective and easy strategy to rank at the top of Google.


The most effective and natural way to prove that you are a great home improvement company is to begin to collect customer reviews with positive remarks towards your remodeling company, your products and your customer service.  This will not only help your home improvement company to show up on the top of the search engine results, but it will also help influence your potential home improvement lead’s decision to get in contact with your remodeling company.

Local Marketing to capture more Home Improvement Leads

Although Google Places might help your remodeling company find more home improvement leads, it is not the only strategy your business should use.  There are numerous other business directories for you to include your company and let people find it.  All of these business directories and listings can help your remodeling company rank higher in local search.

There are several ways to embrace the local remodeling search for more home improvement leads.  Many of these methods are various and depend on many different factors, like type of industry you are in, your company’s location, and size of the company.  Therefore, The Marketing Corner is ready to provide our services for any remodeling company by offering a full-scale analysis, optimization, and best local SEO practices to help you to reach your home improvement leads.  Learn more about how we can grow your remodeling company and bring you more home improvement leads today!



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