Lucky Home Improvement Marketing Tips

Lucky Charms for Home Improvement Marketing Success

For more than 1,000 years, the Irish have celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with corn beef and cabbage, special beverages and festive jigs—and today, March 17 will be no different. Irish or not, you just might find luck at the end of the home improvement marketing rainbow by following these four tips for effective lead generation:

Home Improvement Marketing Tip #1: Attention to Color.

If you’re not wearing green on St. Patty’s day you better prepare to get pinched! When designing home improvement marketing materials, such as brochures for your remodeling company, choose colors that fit with a project. (No one today would create a pink shamrock!). A good home improvement marketing and design company can help you chose colors to communicate to your audiences. For example, using red may showcase intensity, while green conveys naturalness, and studies have shown that blue grows customer loyalty.

home-improvement-marketing-gold-for-St.-Patricks-DayHome Improvement Marketing Tip #2: Powerful Symbols.

St. Patrick used a 3 leaf shamrock to show the Holy Trinity to Irish pagans, and it continues to be an important symbol on this holiday.  A good home improvement marketing team will create a logos and or symbol that showcases your remodeling company.  Think about Apple, or McDonalds, their logo has created lasting impressions throughout the world!  Maintaining an easy to read and simplistic logo will power your home improvement marketing and lead generation.

Home Improvement Marketing Tip #3: Across the “Isles.”

On St. Patrick’s Day everyone is part of the Emerald Isle!  Make sure your home improvement marketing campaign includes something for everyone!  Know your target audience and tailor it to their needs.  Most importantly, make your customers feel included.  For example, if you are a contractor, perhaps consider offering an incentive on your handyman services, for people who aren’t quite ready for a complete remodel.  This will improve your home improvement lead generation as well as gain your customer’s trust.

Home Improvement Marketing Tip #4: The End of the Rainbow.

A good home improvement marketing team, like leprechauns, are concerned about finding gold: A way to increase the bottom line and grow profit margins.  To maximize the return on your investment all home improvement marketing and lead generation campaigns should be measured.  Using a tool like Google Analytics, home improvement marketing teams can measure their online lead generation efforts.  Additionally, using a call tracking service can improve the measure of additional home improvement marketing pieces like advertisements or brochures.  With good measurement and an eye for analytics, a big pot ‘o gold is waiting for successful home improvement marketing teams.

Happy St. Patrick’s day, and may the luck of the Irish be with you!

Do you have any tips for your St. Paddy’s home improvement marketing gold?  Share them with us!  Are you wanting to get lucky with your home improvement marketing campaigns?  The Marketing Corner can help!  Contact us today to learn how we can improve your home improvement marketing today.


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