The Newest Trend In Home Improvement Marketing

The New Trend in Home Improvement Marketing

Thanks to the Internet constant changes are occurring in home improvement marketing a fast and furious pace. What might have worked yesterday for home improvement leads may necessarily not be true today when it comes increasing sales and finding qualified remodeling leads.  One thing many professional marketers have found is that traditional old home improvement marketing tactics (commonly referred to as outbound marketing) are being replaced by new marketing methods traditionally referred to as inbound marketing.  This transformation in home improvement lead generation and marketing started many years ago and is now the dominant force in professional marketing. Our goal at The Marketing Corner is to teach home improvement professionals how to take advantage of the opportunities in the new world of Internet, inbound marketing and social media, and make smarter home improvement marketing decisions.

What is Old School Home Improvement Marketing

Basically what we refer to as outbound home improvement marketing uses the traditional methods of promoting, selling and PUSHING products and services ON to potential customers.  People are the unwilling recipient of home improvement marketing tactics such as TV commercials, unsubscribed email blasts, outbound phone calls and mailers.  The audience has little choice on receiving your messages and necessarily doesn’t act on it. There is a fundamental decline in the efficacy of these old school home improvement marketing tactics due to a customer’s ability to filter out the “noise.”  People turn to channel surfing, email spam filters, do-not-call lists and the ever powerful trash basket to get rid of your home improvement marketing message.  How wasteful are your home improvement marketing budgets…when the TV commercial you spent producing and airing isn’t even being watched?   How many of you have spent money on a direct mail piece that was sent out to thousands of customers….and only got 2 or 3 calls?  STOP spending your precious home improvement marketing dollars foolishly.  There is a better way.

new-home-improvement-marketingNEW Home Improvement Marketing

The basic idea of new home improvement marketing–which professional’s refer to as inbound marketing– is to create the opportunity to BE FOUND when customers are looking for your product or service.  New inbound marketing is the extreme opposite of the typical push and promote home improvement marketing tactics we mentioned previously.  There are two basic tools that are involved in this type of home improvement marketing—content marketing and social media participation.  The idea is to take your home improvement marketing dollars and create content or information that you audience would find useful.  Home Improvement professionals or remodeling companies could use “how-to” videos or create an e-book to prepare their audience to learn more about their company.

What Works For Home Improvement Leads

Ultimately the best strategy for home improvement lead generation is one that blends both traditional “old school” home improvement marketing tactics with new inbound marketing.  Never should a remodeling company abandon a traditional outbound home improvement marketing tactic which continues to bring you home improvement leads because it isn’t on trend. Some marketing efforts are timeless! However, smart remodelers and home improvement professionals must now incorporate inbound home improvement marketing tactics into their ongoing strategies to stay relevant in today’s consumer’s minds.

At The Marketing Corner we recommend for all our remodeling professionals to start with a simple home improvement marketing plan that includes a blog and the appropriate social media platforms for your message and audience.  

Have you started to incorporate new home improvement marketing methods into your lead generation efforts?  Are you active on social media?  We’d love for you to share some of your thoughts with us!


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