5 Simple Website Tips To Improve Lead Generation

5 Simple Tips to Improve Your Home Improvement Website’s Lead Generation

Good home improvement website design can make or break your remodeling company. Customers that are unable to comprehend your features or understand your remodeling company’s services, will immediately leave your home improvement website, potentially costing you money in lead generation.  Fortunately, creating a good home improvement website is not that difficult.

Follow our 5 simple tips to improve your home improvement website’s lead generation.

Home Improvement Website Tip 1- Keep It Simple

The best websites are those that are easy to use, and most of all easy to read.  Yes creativity is still important, but make sure your home improvement website appeals to a large audience.  To do this, limit your color scheme to basic colors and use black text on the page. Don’t add too many links, images, or too many calls to action.  Make it simple for the customer to find out what they are looking for on your website, and give you their information.

Home Improvement Website Tip 2- Clearer is always better

Have you ever looked at a website, and been unsure of what the company specializes or does?  Clearly stating your services, products and what your remodeling company can or cannot do is essential for your home improvement website.  Additionally, home improvement professionals should should state experience that your remodeling company has in the industry.  If your remodeling or contracting company is licensed, insured, a member of professional organizations such as the NAHB, this would be a great to put on your home improvement website.

Home Improvement Website Tip 3- You’re the Expert

You’re the expert when it comes to home improvement projects and repairs–and what better way then to show it off on your website. Create compelling content that will showcase you as an industry leader in your field.  Videos, pictures, and even infographics can be powerful ways to teach customers about your remodeling company’s abilities and capacities through your home improvement website.  Additionally, the more creative and new content you create, the better chances your home improvement website has for ranking top on Google.

Home Improvement Website Tip 4- Separate personal vs business

Many home improvement websites focus around the sole owner of the business and their industry knowledge, and while thats find for some companies, a good home improvement marketing team will caution remodelers to not take this too far.  Your home improvement website should be about your remodeling company and your professional life.  Don’t put pictures of your family, what you did on Saturday night, or your life story on the page.  There are some exceptions to this of course–but in general, keep it professional, and save the personal stuff for your personal Facebook page.

Home Improvement Website Tip 5- Ten Seconds or less

Many home improvement website users never read all of the information on the page. Rather, customers will scan the text for relevant information relating to their project or area of concern. Create short paragraphs on your home improvement website and remember to bold or italicize important areas to grasp the customer’s attention.  Also, it is important to have your home improvement website’s calls to action pop off the page and really grasp the customer’s attention.

Are you using better design for your company’s home improvement website?  Have any other design tips to share?

If you’re looking for more information on how to improve your home improvement website and lead generation contact The Marketing Corner, to learn more about the amazing home improvement marketing services we provide our clients!

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