Top Spring Ideas For More Home Improvement Leads

Top Spring Ideas For More Home Improvement Leads

Spring has officially arrived, and everyone—especially us here in Chicago—has a case of Spring Fever! Whether you are hoping to bring in some new home improvement leads or just keep yourself top of mind in your loyal customers- planning a Spring promotion for home improvement leads is a great way to refresh your remodeling company’s marketing this season!

The Marketing Corner provides you some of the most popular Springtime symbols and themes to use for your from for marketing inspiration for home improvement leads:

Spring Into Flower Power

In this advertisement Rainbow Play Systems uses tons of flowers and a light hearted theme to convey their spring special.  To get more home improvement leads  and tie into this theme an additional idea would be to perhaps run a special and give a free flower with every consultation.


Talk About The Weather

Spring is a great time for your customers to start thinking about their home remodeling and renovation and that means an increase in home improvement leads.  Get talking to your customers using your social media outlets!  Do a quick Twitter search for customers who are talking about the warm weather (and yes–alot of them are!) and remind them that it is also a perfect time to think about an outdoor kitchen remodel, or a deck repair.  Also to maximize home improvement leads use Spring as a reminder that hot summers are right around the corner so customers might want to get a Free Air Conditioning Check! (another great way to get inside a home improvement lead’s home!)


Spring Holiday Sales

Although not as big as Winter seasonal holiday marketing for more home improvement leads, running some fun Springtime sales is a great idea to generate new business for your remodeling company. We’ve already talked about how remodelers and contractors can use St. Patricks Day as a home improvement lead generation idea. Additionally remodeling company’s can use Passover or Easter as a great way to tie in a special.  But don’t forget about Mother’s Day!  Perhaps your remodeling company could have an open house for Mom for her to draw inspiration from your recent work for her home remodel!  Remember most of your purchases (especially in the design and remodeling industry–the decision maker is the female!)  Use these holiday sales to really draw into your home improvement lead generation ideas!

Have A Spring Cleaning Sale!

Are you updating your showroom?  Wanting to get rid of some old inventory?  Have your customers participate in a Spring cleaning sale to get more home improvement leads.  Take the example from AmySacks Eyewear.  She has a clean and simple advertisement which strikes the customer to want to learn more.  The other sample advertisement is general and appears to speak more to what a remodeling company would use for a home improvement lead.home-improvement-spring-cleaning-sale2 2


 Has your remodeling company ran good spring specials to generate more home improvement leads?  Do you have any home improvement sales ideas to share? Leave us a comment below!

If you’re looking to add some spring advertisements into your home improvement marketing plans reach out to The Marketing Corner and we’d love to provide you with some of our thoughts!




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