How To Get More Home Improvement Leads with Social Media

Use Your Social Media for More Home Improvement Leads

Sure it might sound simple– Write a good post, have people like it, share it or comment on it, and thats it!  But really what is driving good social media campaigns for home improvement leads?  Does it seem like everyone is finding success with social media but you?

You could be making drastic mistakes on social media in your attempt to get more home improvement leads.  Here is a quick overview of the five most common mistakes we’re seeing, along with some quick ways on how to fix these blunders to get more home improvement leads.

5 Quick Fixes for more Home Improvement Leadshome-improvement-lead-generation-social-media

1. The Wrong Measurements

One of the most common mistakes is emphasizing the number of fans you have over everything else.  Social media is not a mass medium though which your content must be published.  Instead, look at it as a way to be more intimate with areas to capture more home improvement leads.  It really doesn’t matter how many fans you have if they aren’t sharing your content, liking your posts, or viewing your videos.  My mom always said, “In life, its not the number of friends you have, but the number you can count on.”  Find another metric to measure– your user engagement, your customer service quality, or your social media reach.  Focus on quality over quantity to generate more home improvement leads.

2. Its all Too Much!

When social media began everyone no matter what sized company wanted as many Facebook pages, Twitter handles and Pinterest boards as possible.  Narrow it down. Having multiple accounts is difficult to manage, plus your brand can become distorted.  If you’re a remodeling company with many different product lines, don’t have one Facebook page for your windows, another for your bathrooms, etc.  Keep it simple.  Having one clear profile across many social media channels will increase your change for more home improvement leads.

3. Constantly All You, Constantly All the Time

Would you go into a room and talk about yourself all the time?  How wonderful you are, how much money you make, how great your family is?  Of course not.  (If you did-I’m sure you wouldn’t have too many friends).  The same holds true in social media.  Don’t make it about yourself or your company all the time.  Yes, you might want to sell more products, but you should focus on being interesting and interested in your customers.  Respond to customer’s comments and ask questions.  By being genuine and relating to your audience, you are much more likely to generate many more home improvement leads.

4. Your Social Media is on an Island

Since social media is typically thought of as marketing, many remodeling companies only give the reigns to their marketing team.  If you don’t have a marketing team you really do need one…and here’s why.  But social media shouldn’t be kept in a silo with marketing.  Your entire company should embrace it and really work together to use all of the channels to have better interaction with future home improvement leads.  Your sales team can use it to interact with future customers, your customer service team can use it as a follow up for testimonials, even your installers can use it to take pictures of the jobs!  The options are endless–but the only way that you will effectively get more home improvement leads is to transform your company into a social media machine!

5. There is No Map

If you don’t know what your goals and aspirations are then anything your company posts throughout their social media channels will look good.  However to really use social media to bring in home improvement leads, your company needs to be top notch.  Establish clear goals, set an editorial calendar, create a way to deal with customer service, and finally determine staffing needs.  All of these methods play an important role in determining the success of social media and the generation of home improvement leads.

Are you using social media effectively in your construction or remodeling business to generate home improvement leads?  What is your best channel that you are using?

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