Home Improvement Marketing Should Be Left To The Professionals

Take Control Of Your Business’ Home Improvement Marketing and Hire a Professional.

Today, it is more important than ever that home improvement companies run seamlessly.  Operations need to be lean and efficient.  Often though, home improvement companies overlook the most important piece of their business—lead generation and marketing.

It tends to take a back seat to sales, or in the worst scenario—it is done by someone in the company who has some extra time, but no real home improvement marketing experience at all.

This can actually be detrimental to the business.

Quite often, owners and other employees are used to market home improvement companies.  These people, although very skilled in their positions, are quite unskilled in lead generation and planning related to home improvement marketing and advertising. It is most important that business owners realize that they need to do what they do best — run the company.

Taking time away from running their company, will hurt the company.   A successful business is judged by its profits. Business owners/managers would be smart to realize that lead generation, marketing, and advertising should be done by the home improvement marketing professionals.

Why Hire a Home Improvement Marketing Professional?

Home Improvement Marketing Changes

Marketing is a constantly changing industry, and keeping up on current trends is a professional marketers job.  A company must to be branded and steps have to be taken over a period of time to achieve the best results. It’s not something that can be done every once-in-a-while when the accountant or someone else in the company has some spare time.

Smarter Home Improvement Marketing Creates Higher Profits.

Profits. This is the reason why every remodeling business needs a real marketing specialist. Once that specialist learns about the company and its customers, they will bring together ideas to get the name of the company before its target group.

How To Choose The Best Professional Home Improvement Marketing Option:

Choosing the right home improvement marketing specialist or agency that best suits your remodeling company should be taken seriously. After all, the company’s success is at risk.

Remodeling business owners should take into consideration the type of work the specialist or agency has done in the past. Do they have experience in researching competition? Will they go the extra mile to learn all about the business and its customers? Do they have longevity in the area of marketing? What about their ability to measure the success of the advertising or marketing plan? That is a very important question. Are they antiquated in their ideas and attitudes? They should be aware of modern trends in advertising and the results that they offer.

home improvement marketing team 

Your Home Improvement Marketing Agency–Option 1

Have you ever thought about outsourcing your marketing? For so many small- to medium-sized businesses, this makes a lot of sense, especially when considering your bottom line.   Prices for outside consultants and agencies in most times are far less expensive then an individual marketing professional.  Also, with some agencies, like The Marketing Corner, you will receive a dedicated team of individuals for your account thus providing you a wealth of home improvement marketing knowledge.  Its best to find a company that just specializes in your area, like home improvement marketing.  But regardless, make sure you work with an outsourced marketing firm that, well, “gets” it.

Your Home Improvement Marketing Professional–Option 2

One more option is available for a business looking for a marketing specialist. They could hire one for in-house. They should keep in mind, though, that this is a full time position and will take quite a lot of time if done correctly. The same questions could be asked of the applicants that would be asked of an agency.  By hiring a marketing specialist full time, a home improvement business will have to pay salaries, vacations, and extra benefits where as an agency would not.  Additionally, the salary cost for a full time professional marketing employee on average would be higher then an agency.

In summary, there are three main choices that a home improvement business has relating to its marketing and advertising:

Work with a full-service outsourced professional home improvement marketing agency
Hire a full time marketing specialist in-house
Let the receptionist do it when she has a few minutes. After all, she is learning photoshop.

Needless to say, #3 is ridiculous and doing it this way would be a very bad decision, quote possibly resulting in harm to the company.

Business owners and managers should do what they do best “run the company”, and leave the marketing strategies and advertising to the professionals. It will turn out to be the best money spent.



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