Tips to Create the Perfect Home Improvement Lead Generation Form

Creative Forms For Home Improvement Lead Generation

Home improvement lead generation has changed.  Many of today’s shoppers are turning to the internet to search for better options to remodel their homes.  In fact a recent study showed that 89% of consumers research products on the internet prior to purchase.  Wether it be cornflakes, shoes or even home remodeling products, more customers are consuming information across the internet.

The most important tool for home improvement lead generation is a good form on your website.  This form will enable you to collect customer’s information and remarket to those customers.

One of the top concerns many home improvement companies have with forms for lead generation is how much or how little information to collect.  Our best advice is to only include the information that is necessary to your customers.

The fewer fields you have in a form, the more likely you will generate more conversions.  A longer form may be avoided by your customers as it looks like a lot of work and they do not want to fill out every space.  However, a longer form also may qualify or prescreen your customers more, so that you will have to do less to determine if they are a qualified lead.  The best way to figure out how long or short your form should be is to complete different tests.

Above all, your forms should be creative and effective in order to drive home improvement lead generation.


home-improvement-lead-generation-forms-contact-usTips for Creative Effective Forms for Lead Generation

1.  Only ask for the information that you really need.  When looking for lead generation- home improvement companies should only ask for the information that is relevant to them at that time.  At most, we recommend a customer’s name, phone, and email.  With that information you should be able to reach out to the customer to find out more about their interest in your services.

2. How hot is your offer. If you are giving the customer’s exclusive access to your design guide which showcases all of your products, you may be able to ask for more of their information.  Consider asking how far along the customer’s are in their decision making process..etc.  However though if you are just asking for a newsletter signup, it might be best to stick to just an email address for higher lead generation.

3. Calm their anxiety.  People are less likely to give up their information when they think a company is going to spam them.  You can increase your home improvement lead generation and conversion rate by adding a privacy policy notice or no spam feature on your website.

4. Never Just use “Submit.”  Be creative and your prospects for home improvement lead generation will be stronger.  Don’t just use the word submit for anything.  Use words like “Download your Free Whitepaper” “Receive your free emails” “Get your Promotion”.  Again test different wording to creatively captivate your audience.

5. Download and fulfill.  Remember if you are offering a download for your home improvement lead generation technique, fulfill on your promises.  No one wants to not be able to receive their offer immediately.  Either direct your customer’s to a thank you page, or send a link to their email.  Either way, your response should be immediate for the most effective lead generation techniques.

Are you looking for the best tips and tricks for home improvement lead generation?  The Marketing Corner is ready to help you create compelling and innovative forms for your website.  Please feel free to reach out to us to learn more on how we can improve your home improvement lead generation website forms.

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