The #1 Thing For More Home Improvement Leads

To Generate More Home Improvement Leads You Must Have This….

So you have decided to start marketing your remodeling company…now what? There are so many options where do you start to begin finding home improvement leads?

Although the tendency is to to start developing a good contractor website, designing  a product brochure and setting up an advertising campaigns, here at The Marketing Corner, we suggest that first you build the foundation for your remodeling company in order to make all of these other tactics successful.  Just like building a house, once there is a good foundation, other marketing tactics will bring in more home improvement leads.

A good home improvement marketing professionals should clearly define what their remodeling business does and how it is different from every other one  of your competitors.  It is only then, that by showcasing the difference, a good remodeling company will be able to produce quality home improvement leads.

A Unique Position For Your Home Improvement Marketing

The first step to creating a unique position in the market and generating more home improvement leads is to take a long hard look at your remodeling company.  Typically called a SWOT analysis, remodeling business owners should look at what are their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats?  In order to create the most concise and best answer to generate home improvement leads everyone on the remodeling company’s management team should be involved with this process.  Having various people provide input allows more of a target approach and a greater value statement when positing your company for better home improvement lead generation. We admit, this can be a bit of a painful process but it can garner tremendous information for your home improvement business.  Ask your employees what your company does well, what don’t you do well. Who do they perceive to be your biggest competitors in the industry? What do your competitors do well so that they are generating more home improvement leads? What do they do poorly? Do your home improvement competitors provide you with any opportunities or threats?  How does the current economy affect your business?  There are lots of questions that you can build into this examination of your remodeling company. Ask as many as you can.

Once your remodeling team has completed this exercise, some overall themes should arise which will guide you to forming a better vision for your company and ultimately your home improvement lead generation plans.  Perhaps one of the most important questions you should ask your remodeling company is where are your opportunities for growth, and what do you do better than all your competitors?

Home improvement professionals should use this information to develop their “unique selling proposition.”  A “Unique Selling Proposition” or USP is your promise to your customers and future home improvement leads.  A good USP is ultimately the reason a customer should do business with your remodeling company.

Now Go Generate Better Quality Home Improvement Leads

Once you have developed a strong “USP” then you can begin to use your “USP” as the foundation for developing your marketing campaigns and generating more home improvement leads.

Has your remodeling company created a USP?  Are you using this throughout all your home improvement marketing materials? Have you found your strong USP successful in bringing you more home improvement leads?  We’d love for you to share your experiences with us!

Struggling with creating a USP or looking for a way to learn smarter marketing and generate more home improvement leads?  The Marketing Corner can help! The Marketing Corner is a full resource dedicated to helping contractors, remodelers, and home improvement professionals grow their businesses.  To take a deep dive into your home improvement lead generation results sign up for a free intensive home improvement lead session today!


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